Exclusivist hand-made pottery using ancient methods and techniques similar to those from the Neolithic period

duminică, 26 februarie 2012

Product of the day : Neolithic Woman-shaped Vase 

  With his hands the potter artist kneaded the warm clay and gave it, through the form and the symbols, warm impressions of a woman. The spiral, symbol of fecundity, engraved on female idols, activates all the centres of life and fertility, indicating the movement in a specific unit of order. The art objects don’t just fascinate with their appearance, but also have the miraculous effect of a form that holds energy. Beyond the form, these works of art have their own energy, which radiates to you, charging you with their beneficial vigour. The shapes, the signs don’t have a static existence; they are real forces of the full of life nature.

Approx. dimensions:
Bottom diameter=17cm/6,69in;
Middle diameter=32cm/12,59in;
Upper diameter=12cm/4,72in.
Aprox. Weight=10 kg/19,8 lb

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