Exclusivist hand-made pottery using ancient methods and techniques similar to those from the Neolithic period

luni, 20 februarie 2012

Product of the day : Decorative Plate 
 Any art devotee is delighted and astonished when he/she sees this Neolithic decorative plate. The Earth signs, the wolf teeth and the spirals, which are searching the infinite, are making this decorative plate so special. The circle - the plate itself has the form of a circle - is representing the form of the perfection, but only the spiral strives to open the gates of the absolute perfection, in a continuous move, towards the infinite. The energy of this object moods at its first view, but when you also own it, the beauty will always support your spiritual side of your profound self.
Approx. dimensions:
Height: 3,5cm/1,73in;
Diameter: 23cm/9,05in;
Aprox. Weight: 1 kg/2,2 lb
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