Exclusivist hand-made pottery using ancient methods and techniques similar to those from the Neolithic period

miercuri, 22 februarie 2012

Product of the day : Fruit Bowl

 Bowl with foot which wears symbols of a perpetuate movement, the spiral, sign of the regenerative energy. To play the tumult vortex the potter artist incised the double helix on ceramics. In the Celtic tradition, the Spiral was the symbol of fire. This bowl can be used as an excellent decorative object, or it can be used as a fruit bowl. Also, when it is used as a fruit bowl, the energy given by the spiral will be transferred to you through the fruits that you will be putting in.

Approx. dimensions:
Bottom diameter=12cm/4,72in;
Middle diameter=27cm/10,62in;
Upper diameter=25cm/9,84in;
Aprox. Weight=3 kg/6,6 lb.

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