Exclusivist hand-made pottery using ancient methods and techniques similar to those from the Neolithic period

miercuri, 29 februarie 2012

  The happiness doesn’t need so much to exist. A handful of clay, an extreme care to show off the technique over 7500 years old, a seething passion that lies in potter artist who brings to life his own children. It says it's so simple, right? Yet behind the eye that sees beauty, is a hard work, attention to detail, a combination of intellectual lines, a play of symbols. Nothing is thrown at random, there's no extra line. Old Celtic Symbols rich the black velvet dish: wolf's teeth on edge, spiral and angle spiral. The perfect gift for a lofty spirit!
 Aprox. Dimensions:
Bottom diameter=18cm/7,08in ;
Middle diameter=40cm/15,7in ;
Upper diameter= 30cm/11,81in;
Approx. Weight=9 kg/19,8 lb.

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